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Originally Posted by pittsspecialguy View Post
They were and are great people. To have a bunch of pilots who know zero about running huge corporations to denigrate them on this forum is disgusting. Plus, it’s an insult to the many guys and girls on the shop floor who build your aircraft. I know many of them and they are probably as mad as I am about the ongoing Boeing-bashing on this forum. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

'Great people', "know zero", "denigrate", "disgusting", "insult", "mad", "Boeing-bashing", "you should be ashamed"
How emotional from a supposed top brass airplane company runner...
Pittsspecialguy, have you watched Dennis Muilenburg's hearings some weeks ago ?
Are you sure he appeared as an example of a "great person" ?
If you really are what you claim you are, would you care to give some examples of what makes him and his partners greater than what they seem to appear ?

Guys and girls on the shop floor are certainly mostly great people. Nevertheless I feel uneasy about those FOD, tools, etc. left behind in an airplane.

And BTW, what makes you think everyone here might be ignorant of airplane design ?

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