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Originally Posted by LowNSlow View Post
Fly Aiprt; UK politicians have for the last 3 decades used “the EU” as the excuse for all that is wrong in the UK. This is part of the reason why I think a large percentage of voters, myself included, voted leave. I want my government, be it red or blue, to be accountable to us, the citizens of the UK.

They'll be if you hold them accountable, they'll not if you let them get away with whatever they did or failed to do.
Didn't it occur to you that the EU will still be the excuse : "they didn't give us a good deal", " they bullied us", "they prevented us from leaving", "they are retaliating"...
Isn't it a bit na´ve to vote for the ruin of one's businesses just in the hope that your politicians will say "we are accountable for this or that" ?
The voters are responsible for whomever they elect, maybe they fooled you in the past, shame on you if you re-elect them....

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