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Orac: re Conservative Manifesto Costings Document.....
I have just had a quick scan through that and it is a massive 3 card trick or Javid has given us a pack of lies in his statement this morning. He sought to make us believe we would be shown the costs of all the oven ready promises and how they would be funded. That, after all, is how the Tories have been challenging Labour on their promises, demanding we be shown the fag packets be produced to account for the source of all the funds needed to pay for promised programmes. That joke document I have just read does none of that. Worse; it says the Tories will do this, that or the other and the cost will be £xxx. Instead of backing these promises up with a "where will we get the money from", there is a section listing how the available funds will be diminished via tax cuts.
I will repeat a part of what he said on TV this morning:
the "manifesto would come with the “most transparent” explanation of how the policies would be paid for ever seen in British electoral history”.
I can hardly wait for tomorrow when the political pundits get started on this and the manifesto itself. For example; hundreds of millions to be spent on "filling in potholes" (apparently spurred by Johnson having ridden blindly into one and come a cropper) while many working people are having to resort to food banks. There is no need for government to start waffling on about special funds to fill in pot holes, government merely needs to restore local government funding to where it once was and the councils will take care of the problem which was of course caused by government taking the councils' funds in the first place! Incidentally, I bet you most councils would tell you that filling pot holes in is a waste of money. The road needs to be repaired properly. Fill in the pot hole and walk away muttering "job done" will lead to a never ending cycle of perpetual pot hole filling. Still, better to stuff fivers into the pot holes than ensure working people are taken out of poverty, eh! And I don't think any semi sane person would dare suggest that the less than £2 per week working people are being offered via a change in the N.I. threshold will do it. And before the arguments over that sum begin, the Tories are promising this for one year only. Beyond one year, it is an aspiration only.
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