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Originally Posted by Paul Cantrell View Post
I have been told by a couple different maintenance organizations is that the 12 year inspection is mandatory because of the wording in the maintenance manual.
FYI: Just to add to the above. It actually depends on how the aircraft is operated, Part 91 or Part 135, whether the 12 year becomes "mandatory." Part 91 ops only requires the owner/operator to select an inspection program which at a minimum would consist of an Annual and replacement of any items listed in the approved Airworthiness Limitations section of the MM (i.e., Ch 3, 3.300). This would also include any engine related Airworthiness Limitation items, if applicable.

On the other hand, Part 135 ops are required to follow a manufacturer's recommended maintenance program, or FAA approved alternate, which at a minimum adds the R44 Chapter 2 requirements (i.e., O/Hs, etc.) to the "mandatory" list along with the Ch 3 requirements.
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