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Had to go out to the A/F today to attend to a scratched Glider canopy. Two and a half hours spent with a Micromesh kit fixed it! (My flamin' aching arm!! )

Both Arcus Gliders reached 16,000' and the PW5 Pilot reported cloudbase at 17,850'

A very windy cool change arrived about 0730hrs. Overnight minimum was 24C and todays Max was 30C just before the change. It dropped back to 24C again and stayed around that for most of the day.

11.5 out of Bruggen, both off the wire and both in a Ka8..... I loved the Ka8..... dead simple,
Well done. And all of the early Kaiser designs were just that, simple. Never flew the '8' but logged a few hours in the KA 6, albeit the Schneider version built in Australia. Once had to get down in a hurry from just over 8,000' in one so did so in one continuous spin! No idea how many turns it did; Lost count after around 26 but when I applied opposite rudder etc and levelled out at 1,200' I was a bit dizzy!

Commenced recovery procedure at 2,000' indicated, anticipating a bit of Altimeter lag and was surprised to see just where I finished up S&L.
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