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Oh here we go again, more “Network is going to take over the world” fearmongering.

We’ve heard these rumours for years now.

They have no basis in reality.

Originally Posted by Lator View Post
I've heard that Perth based Network Aviation will receive up to 12 A320s from the Jetstar fleet, to replace ageing F100s.
That’s the one rumour that sort of makes sense. 12 320’s would be a similar seat count to 17 F100’s, it would also resolve NA crewing issues. There won’t be much further expansion of NA to cannibalise mainline or JQ beyond that.

Originally Posted by f1yhigh View Post
I've said it before and I'll say it again, this is the beginning of the end for QF mainline 737s. The A320s are not just replacements for F100s, they will eventually have Network bases in other states over the years and watch Network take over domestic mainline 1 A320 at a time. A good indicator of future behavior is past behavior. I truly hope I'm wrong.
Nonsense. They could’ve done it years ago with Eastern, Sunstate or National Jet. They didn’t.

Originally Posted by ECAMACTIONSCOMPLETE View Post
Would be be more likely that Network will start doing transcontinental flying in place of qantas 737s.
Not with the aircraft they have now. Anyone with knowledge of the situation would know this.

Originally Posted by aussieflyboy View Post
I’ve heard it been called scaremongering before. However QF 737s used be a regular on the PER - BME route and now they’re a rarity. Replaced by nice cheap crew flying A320s. What’s stopping QF from flying PER - BNE red eyes with A320s.... then BNE - SYD and then the virus could just continue...
The moment someone gets too expensive they’ll look for something cheaper to replace it. Ask the ex-DRW based 717 crews....
Those 737’s are now doing the BNE, SYD and MEL that used to be done by 330s.

The ex DRW 717 crews were replaced (initially) by mainline 737s actually. Who weren’t cheaper.

I think a lot of the fearmongerers need to read up on a little thing called “transmission of business laws” and “pilot supply and demand”.

In reality there’s nothing stopping Network operating A350/B777Xs, might as well start that rumour as well. Or maybe Sunstate, EFA, or JQ Pacific. Or perhaps Aeropelican, they have an RPT licence don’t they....
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