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Originally Posted by Pinky the pilot View Post
Maximum temperature of 45C here in Waikerie South Australia today. Did three launches out at the gliding Club, two privately owned Arcus Gliders and one privately owned PW5.

All got to well over 12,000' and had quite reasonable flights apparently.

Now 2055hrs CSuT and it is still 40C outside! Forecast for tomorrow is o/night minimum in mid 20's and max of 34 with strong winds.

Quite normal for this area this time of year.

Ah yes...TV Weather presenters. Don'tcha just love 'em?
Ah ...... aviation content...blue air, pretty clouds or dinner plates in the sky please ?...got to 10 once out of Venlo and 11.5 out of Bruggen, both off the wire and both in a Ka8..... I loved the Ka8..... dead simple, just like me.

One of our two local weather "presenters ", the other one is pretty good really, always likes to give the impression she controls the wx....whether she knows the difference between a cold and warm front is debatable...the word occlusion however, is an entirely different matter as the term never gets even a passing mention.
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