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Dear Pilots:

Due to the seasonality that we will face in the 2019 winter season, in addition to the current MAX and 787 fleet status, we have identified a surplus of pilots from 1st of December 2019 until the end of March 2020 in the Spanish bases. As a result of this, the company needs to adapt resources and adjust them to the actual demand.

There are different options outlined in the link provided are available for all pilot positions from 1st of December to 31st of March.

We ask that you review the below options thoroughly and take the opportunity to consider one of the options to assist us in reaching a sustainable programme throughout this coming winter. All processes presented will be dependent upon a reached agreement with SEPLA. In the event of no agreement being reached, the company will reach out to you individually to confirm the updated terms.

In the voluntary options presented, every part-time position will have a 10% incentive in salary. The effect would be applied as follows:
70% part time, paid 80%
60% part time, paid 70%
50% part time, paid 60%

Those who choose the option for 100% ERTE will be provided with a monthly incentive, per rank, as follows:
100% ERTE CPT, paid 1500€ per month
100% ERTE RCA, paid 1250€ per month
100% ERTE FO, paid 1000€ per month


Assignments will be done by Base | Fleet | Rank/Category, according to seniority.

DEADLINE: All bids must be submitted by Thursday, November 14th by 15.00.

All participation is considered voluntary in nature, however, if you choose to submit one of the options provided this will be binding. Those whom have been awarded a base change due to the MAD closure, will have their part-time award combined with their transfer to new base.

In the event we do not meet the required reductions in FTE’s, the Company will need to apply forced ERTE process per Base | Rank | Fleet.

The effect of the forced ERTE Process will then be distributed to the non-voluntary pilots as follows:
70% part time, paid 75%
60% part time, paid 65%
50% part time, paid 55%

This is the Company’s target maximum reduction; however, this will be dependent on the number of voluntary reductions we receive in this bidding.

Bids communicated outside of this link will not be considered as part of this process.

Best Regards

Manpower Planning
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