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Dusting off some old copies of "Jane's" I see that the 1980-81 edition gave:-

Viggen -

Tactical radius with external armament

Hi-Lo-Lo +1000 nm
Lo-Lo-Lo + 270 nm


Attack radius internal fuel only -

Hi-Lo-Hi 460 nm
Lo-Lo-Lo 290 nm

Attack radius external internal fuel

Hi-Lo-Hi 760 nm
Lo-Lo-Lo 495 nm

Ferry Range -external fuel 1902 nm,

Looking at the numbers I think the Viggen could fly further and faster and had better field performance but the Jaguar could carry a much wider and heavier weapons load. Not surprising as the British & French had "proper" interceptors as well whereas the Swedes had to have only one type to do everything.

Looking around I guess the nearest US equivalent would have been the A-7 Corsair?
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