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I was at the 1969 Paris Air Show at which, amongst other aircraft, Viggen and Jaguar both appeared.

Viggen was astonishing. It thundered off in a very short distance, roared around the sky, did a short landing - then reversed back before blasting airborne again. Outstanding.

3 x Jaguars appeared in formation and did a couple of twinkle rolls. That was about the limit of their achievement. But it was quite a hot day, so no doubt they were thrust limited....

Quite an air show though - both Concorde prototypes flew at the same time and the 747 turned up from Seattle - it looked huge. Bob Hoover's Shrike Commander display was unbelievable - aerobatics in a twin prop executive aeroplane, culminating in an 8-point engines-off barrel roll and deadstick landing.

One of the weirdest was the Do 31 VTOL transport - which was very noisy when all 10 engines were operating!
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