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Originally Posted by Auxtank View Post
I'd have been hauled over the coals by various persons if I showed up like that to that ceremony.
FFS Boris - at least look the part. Where the hell was the PPS?

Probably checking something on their phone.
I believe that BJ has deliberately adopted the scruffy appearance as a "distinguishing feature". All I can say is that being deliberately scruffy at such a sombre and serious occasion is wholly unacceptable. I thought JC was disrespectful last year, but at least he made some effort this year (although he could have done up his tie properly).

Originally Posted by Auxtank View Post
I was in Waitrose this afternoon - in the check-out queue I looked to see how many were wearing poppies - there were none - not a single one and I thought; "You F*ckers". I have seen so few being worn this year generally out and about.
I stopped and chatted to the British Legion chap selling poppies outside the supermarket last week. He was hardly selling any at all, apparently. He'd asked the supermarket if he could move his stand from the entrance foyer to the one at the exit (which they did) in the hope of collecting more donations. He said that lots of people walked past and apologised for not having any change, and I suspect that may well be a reason. It seems that a fair few people walk around without cash now, especially at places like supermarkets, where the use of cards is pretty much universal. Perhaps the British Legion needs to adapt and introduce contactless payment systems for the volunteers who are out and about collecting. I suspect they may even get larger individual donations if they were to do this.

Right now I'm not wearing a poppy, but I did buy a pair of socks in M&S a couple of weeks ago that are adorned with poppies, and so I'm wearing them instead. M&S donated a part of the price of the socks to the British Legion Poppy Appeal, something that seemed to me to be an excellent idea.
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