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Originally Posted by havick View Post
even LGA and JFK lets VFR traffic through, hear it all the time.
Be hundreds every day, the banner towing advertising, and all the helicopters going to downtown Manhattan, East 34th, West 30th, traffic into TEB, N07, MMU, CDW, LDJ

Originally Posted by deja vu View Post
Yeah, it sounds simple, "declare a pan and make the controllers work for you" I always thought they were there to work for you anyway, pan or no pan. Apparently not.
Controllers are not mind readers, I have been denied weather deviations and even being accepted to my diversion airport for ATC procedural issues, simply declared PAN and I got what I needed. If ATC says unavailable, declare a PAN then it becomes available, if the danger level increases declare MAYDAY.

Pilots should use the use the system correctly, if enough people declare a PAN the ATSB will require a change.

Originally Posted by Mike Flynn View Post
Were the controllers working this aircraft pilots?

I doubt it. Had they ever experienced this scenario?

No requirement for controllers to be pilots unlike some other countries that require controllers to be at least PPL holders.
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