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Originally Posted by Dick Smith View Post
Come on. I and others have campaigned relentlessly against C over D for 15 years.

AsA have operated by stating clearance not available
Are you suggesting that by refusing the pilot clearance at 6500 and forcing him into bad weather at a lower level there is no accountability?
You're forgetting that ATC is not there to make anything harder for the pilots, we're here to make the skies safer first, then more efficient.... saying no to a pilot, does not mean it cannot be changed, if the pilot would be so kind as to inform about the necessity for the request.

But I have no clue how it works "down under", but high traffic load, especially in C airspace can be a good reason to say "no", and especially if there's no radar service provided. Ask again and stress the importance, you may have to wait a bit, then you'd get your clearance. That C airspace is made to make the life of airliners safer, you know those boxes that runs at 250+ knots and sweeps though clouds doing a lot of other things besides looking out windows, and carries 200+ people onboard.... Though I have no clue about the mentioned airspace, and airport for that matter.
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