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Originally Posted by Aussie Bob View Post
Unbelievable, we have an outdated and over regulated bunch of airspace in this country where it is virtually impossible to get a VFR clearance at any sensible level. Dick is here pointing that out and you blokes are mostly so apethetic that you shoot the messenger and support the system.

That said, it is still my opinion that when you pilot an aircraft, more than most pursuits, you are responsible for yourself.

That is my my problem with Dicks approach to all of this.
At the end of the day it is the pilots responsibility. He has to keep the aircraft safe. Whatever shite is thrown at him/ her. He has to deal with. Clearances and al, that crap are about what you’d like todo not what you have to deal with. I’ve always had the view that Dick’s approach to the rules is that he should be allowed to fly his aircraft anywhere at anytime anyway he wants. The rules should be adjusted to allow this.
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