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Originally Posted by nomorehelosforme View Post

Valve guide, in your thread starter, you requested no Robbie bashing, yet you now appear to post a derogatory/ insulting post..... on a phone or a computer you can always click the link coloured blue.....
Nomoreheloforme,I was actually quoting something that WillyPete had said himself in another post and the smiley face after it isn't generally associated with something derogatory or insulting. Regarding "you can always click on the link coloured blue" didn't it occur to you that to make the comment "its a bit difficult to read on the phone" meant that a) I had already done that and b) due to the size of the screen on the phone and continually zooming in and scrolling across it was "difficult" hmmm perhaps not but I hope that now clarifies it for you> No insulting ever intended to WillyPete or indeed your goodself ;-)
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