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I refused to take a 320 with an ELAC 1 pitch fault that had occurred on push back.
Next day got phone call to be b*****d for not following the Mel and departing. Luckily I had kept in touch with the engineer who had informed me that the cause was a rather unknown relay. He considered the relay a no go item & being at main base not worth the risk. The bloke on the phone apologised & I got a thank you letter. This was early days of the 320 early 90s. What this waffle is about is that after failure things do not always go as the manufacturer may lead you to believe. The crew imho taken more note of the intermittent ELAC failures but boy did they then do a good job.
To those who think I should have taken the aircraft as per the Mel. Well fine but I always use the proviso do I understand what is wrong with the aircraft. If I don’t I do not go. My Mel if you like.
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