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Originally Posted by MrAverage View Post
We're only a DTO but, a "Weather minima chart" is permanently on the notice board, setting out limits for solo students, dual flights and flights by licence holders (with a separate column for IR/IRR holders) for circuit details, local flights, longer local flights and landaways. It's been there since I started as an RF many years ago. The O.P.'s flight would never have left the clubhouse if it were ours. (And had the 27 knot gust happened at the critical moment the x wind component would have been much more than 11 knots)

I get accused of being a wimp, but I just take that as a compliment..............
What all FIs must be aware of is that should a serious/fatal event occur not only will the AAIB & CAA get involved, then M’learned friends will be after their pound of flesh as well.
Extremely expensive, long lasting, and stressful.

My advise to any instructor is that your ‘ legal eagle ‘ sits on your shoulder at work. You must be able to justify entirely all actions taken. Taking a calculated risk is simply fool hardy.
Having appeared as a witness at two Scottish Fatal Accidents Inquiries, it became obvious that any chinks in the armour will be fully revealed.

For ‘wimp’ read a ‘mature sound individual’
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