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i´m sorry but paragraph 5 from page 15 of the report doesn´t make sense whatsoever.

And then much less what is done in paragraph 6.

5. Four seconds later, while the aircraft was approximately 950m from the end of the runway 08, flying with the airspeed of 190 kt, at 19 ft, pitch attitude maximum of 2.8° Nose Up was reached, thrust levers were moved to IDLE and the flap lever was moved from CONF2 to CONF1, moving the flaps from conf. 2 to 1+F.

6. At 15:05:21 the instructor commanded “gear up” and the gear lever was selected to GEAR UP position. Two seconds later the aircraft reached its maximum altitude over the runway – 48ft and started to descend. The pitch attitude was 0.3° Nose Up, THS remained in 1.5° Nose Up position, and thrust levers were set back to TOGA (Figure 6).

Are the investigators sure it wasn´t the plane itself and not the TRI who put the thrust to idle??

And before this, are they sure Lever position before this was fully clacked at TOGA and not sensed by the plane in MCT/CLIMB??
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