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Britannia props

Yes indeed MPN11, the Brit's props did run rather close to the ground, rendering them prone to slight damage from pebbles or other objects. Such damage could usually be dressed out without problem, but loose grass clippings were another matter being quite a nuisance during the mowing season. Stirred up by the props and subsequently ingested they often found their way into the compressor blow-off valves, causing these to stick open - resulting in a considerable drop below the required torque reading when the affected engine(s) were powered up immediately prior to takeoff, with consequent abandonment of that flight.

All in all the Brit was a pleasant aircraft, if somewhat over-complex in the systems department (especially electrical); having said which, during six years on type the electronic throttle control never gave me a moment's grief!

Originally Posted by MPN11 View Post
TTN ... yes, my posting to Tengah also involved an endless day by British Eagle, albeit with slightly different routing. Only comfort was being sat next to a nurse being posted there too!

Now, I have a Britannia recollection as an ATCO, that the prop/ground clearance was so limited we had to remove taxiway snow-flags. 10 springs to mind.

1. Am I now old and stupid? or 2. Was that the case?
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