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Safety first

Carmodyís response (I mean Aleckís) is a response to the bear being poked. I donít want to be the glass half empty guy but Lead Balloon is correct, all you are doing Glen is awakening a sleeping giant. Poke it enough and it will really hurt you. My concern is that theyíve already taken so much from you and if you keep going down this path, even with a small win and financial settlement, they will pursue you for harassment, defamation and whatever else they can throw at you. They will make sure that any Ďlegal win and settlement you receiveí will be instantly eroded by them hitting you legally from a different angle.

Youíve been wronged Glen, I have no doubt that what you say is true. But there are others out there who have been where you are mate and lost absolutely everything. Itís a game where you are checkmated with every move. Iím worried for you mate and donít want to see them crush your soul as well.
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