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Originally Posted by Livesinafield View Post
Dont really see the issue here, engine fails you go to the hold work checklists and prepare for landing on one engine, if that needs burning off fuel to prevent an overweight landing then fine why is it an issue to burn fuel off on one engine?? We are allowed 1 hour flight time on one engine so whats the problem?

Makes me laugh damed if you do and damed if you dont, love to see the comments if someone landing over MLW single engine and had a gear collapse/ overrun.
Hi field dweller
burning off fuel to get down to MLW is frequently futile. I watch” aero inside “ magazine every day online and at least once per day someone does this. We are talking aircraft with no fuel dump here. “ Held for 45/minutes to reduce landing weight “ is topical comment.
1 tonne = 1 knot approach speed. So holding for an hour reduces speed by one knot. The plane is certified to land at Max TOW
So landing a bit over MLW is going to be totally safe.
You wont overrun because you calculate landing distance +30% typically prior to landing as normal
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