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Originally Posted by Airbubba View Post

These lawyers claim to make a living suing airlines it seems.

The claim is very likely true. That Martindale Hubbel "AV Preeminent" rating is pretty good evidence that other lawyers think they're very successful. That usually means profitable.

It will be interesting to see how Southwest and the unions handle this case. Will Southwest fire the pilots based on the accusations?
Not so far, at least. That's one of the reasons the airline is a named defendant in the suit.

Remember the Alaska Air captain who was fired after an F/O filed a lawsuit claiming she was raped by him? Her subsequent behavior and anecdotal employment history raised serious questions about her credibility in my view.
I remember. Last I heard, the accused captain was countersuing the airline and the accusing FO. It's probably all still in litigation.

I have no idea what really happened with the alleged lav-cam episode. I just doubt that it's entirely a lie or fantasy on the FA's part, because it probably wouldn't have gotten as far as it has if there were no evidence beyond her accusation. Remember, the complaint says she showed a photo of the iPad image of the captain in the lav to coworkers, contemporaneously.

We shall see . . .
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