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Originally Posted by Shoestring Flyer View Post
There is a great danger of searching for traffic on a display becoming an obsession to the detriment of looking out of the outside and chatting with others about this indicates this is definitely a growing obsession!

I agree but if used in a balanced way then certainly will be beneficial. Likewise with autopilots. There will be moments when you canít always be eyes out. For example if youíve been asked to orbit before entering controlled airspace and entering a squawk code. You will have your eyes down for a few seconds and having a system that might audibly tell you of approaching traffic will be beneficial to aircraft separation.

The other plus is it will be a backup to my gps that my phone has built in ( yes I do carry 1/2mil and 1/4mil charts as a backup, Iíve certainly seen gps signals disrupted especially in the eastern Med).

I donít understand what the aircraft tracking apps use. My flight was recorded on there and was only standard transponder ident. No ADS-B output. I do know the odd aircraft where not even a transponder is fitted.
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