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Yes.SSDR applies to
Any microlight aeroplane that:
  • is designed to carry one person;
  • has a maximum take-off mass of no more than:
    • 300 kg for a single seat landplane (or 390 kg for a single seat landplane of which 51% was built by an amateur, or non-profit making association of amateurs, for their own purposes and without any commercial objective, in respect of which a Permit to Fly issued by the CAA was in force prior to 1 January 2003); or
    • 315 kg for a single seat landplane equipped with an airframe mounted total recovery parachute system; or
    • 330 kg for a single seat amphibian or floatplane; and
  • has a stall speed or minimum steady flight speed in the landing configuration not exceeding 35 knots calibrated airspeed.
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