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I use the older version of PAW and display it on Skydemon because many of the microlights based nearby have it. I also have a portable PowerFLARM set which displays FLARM transmitters (mainly gliders) directly, ADS-B transmitters (mainly airliners) and Mode A/C/S equipped light aircraft (bearingless)- this is still the vast majority of relevant contacts unless I fly near a gliding field. The PowerFLARM set also transmits a FLARM signal and I have a Mode C transponder. I am considering getting a SkyEcho 2 (also portable) to transmit ADS-B (which I think is the most likely common format in the future, despite FLARM being an excellent collision avoidance system imho).

The airspace where I normally fly is not nearly as busy as say, the SE of England but I find the electronic information, particularly the audio alerts, on traffic invaluable.

PS The aerial attached to the PAW box seems to detect traffic at a decent range, but PowerFLARM benefits from remote aerials though not necessarily external- mine hang high up inside the cockpit. This certainly improved the live transmission/detection range of FLARM signals according to online tools developed by the gliding community.

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