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Originally Posted by mikehallam View Post
Problem I fear is that ''microlight' Licencees - who have not started off via PPL but - ab anitio will stll suffer (us) from lack of circuit adherence in height and pattern and RT too, as well as ignorance of the necessity for wt but particularly ''balance''.
NB. they never have had to consider that latter discipline, as for simplest use that was covered by the constuctor's remit, provided - of course - one's loaded ''microlight'' remains under the MTOW permitted !
Not sure who you have been watching but I haven't seen any lack of standards or poor RT discipline from microlight pilots. They manage in and out of Barton for instance with no difficulty or complaints.

Wt and balance calculations (if necessary) will be a trivial additional skill and covered by any additional training that's deemed necessary. We'll manage.
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