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Most three-axis microlights are "light aircraft" that have been squeezed into the microlight category.

The Eurostar, with at one time no paint and the electric fuel pump removed, the Eurofox you mention, the C42 Ikarus, with lighter fuselage shells on the microlight... others with wheel spats and cabin heaters removed, etc etc.

For those pilots, the 450kg limit is just a legal technicality - if raised to 600kg it will not affect the handling characteristics of their aircraft one bit (other than if they are loaded up beyond 450kg, of course)

As for weight and balance - I think you'll find microlight pilots well aware of weight issues! As for balance, the design specs are that the aircraft must always be in balance if within the permitted weights. Nice and simple - maybe all aircraft should be that way?

Of course, balance calcs used to be a hassle - but smartphoines, spreadsheets and the like make them easy peasy. Just like computers simplify lots of things.

(oh yes, and the microlight exams are being modernised and now don't bother with balls hanging from masts etc. Maybe EASA light aircraft exams need a bit of improving too?)

Finally, RT. Well, you can only use the radio if you have an FRTOL - so if people are using the radio poorly, then they either don't have a licence (so poor enforcement by the authorities) or there has been poor instruction followed by a deviation from test standards. So nothing to do with the type of aircraft flown or licence held!

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