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Originally Posted by FRatSTN View Post
Jet2 venturing into the South-West is surely the next obvious strategic move for them?

They've developed strong market share already elsewhere in the UK. I can't see the likes of BFS, GLA, EDI, NCL, LBA, EMA growing much more beyond current levels as a short/mid-term plan and would hardly say there's big holes to fill just because Thomas Cook may have had one or two aircraft in each. The big strategic growth will come through MAN, BHX and STN with the potential for new bases.

I personally would expect to see at least one of BRS, BOH or CWL with at least 4 aircraft in the first year or two before any of the existing smaller bases get towards 9, 10, 11 aircraft.
GLA supposed to be getting at least one extra based aircraft next year, possibly 2.
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