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As Blues and Twos. We are just in the process of moving to a new location. Fibre cable has been laid down all the roads in what is a new estate, so "the men" dug a shallow trench in the lawn from a junction box at the roadside adjacent ot our house, then ran it up a conduit into the roof space and down the wall to a point under the desk in what will be our future "office'. The small, birthday card sized Fibre modem was luggec into the adjacent 240 volt power supply, and cabled directly to the Vodafone Modem on top of the desk, which is now transmitting cancer causing (?) WiFi all around the house for our various "devices". Our cordless telephone master unit is plugged directly into the Vodafone Modem, but "the men" said that all the old copper wire telephone outlets installed in every room by the previous owner would still work. We haven't tried that yet. the operation took 1 1/2 working days, and Vodafone paid for it because we are a new customer nand they want our business. We have entered into a 2 year contract. Speeds ? Don't know, don't care, we are connected to the Internet now and the computer works.
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