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Originally Posted by Severn View Post
B787s in S20

The 2x new B787s due before S20 have already been allocated to LGW and MAN, 1x at each.

LGW will then require 6x B787s to be based and 4x will be required at MAN (one of which will operate from DSA 2x days a week). Both bases see the aircraft operate a mix of long and short haul.

1x aircraft will be based at BRS, operating long and short haul.
1x aircraft will be based at BHX, operating only long haul.
1x aircraft will be shared between NCL (2x or 4x days per week) and GLA (4x or 2x days per week), plus BHX (1x day per week) operating only long haul flights.
1x aircraft (usually a B787-9) is then kept as a operational spare (seemed to be MAN based during S19)

Given the TCX situation this may all now change, but this is how the timetable currently stands.
Interesting. And assuming the 2x 763 will be back at MAN, both bases will have 6x wide-bodies. Do you know the split of 8s and 9s? Im guessing either 3 at each (with one of MANs probably being the spare) or 4 at LGW and 2 at MAN.

Im a bit surprised that the GLA/NCL 787 is also due to be operating from BHX once a week seems a tad inefficient to ferry it all the way down there just to go back up again. Did TCX fly long-haul from BHX? If not, Id wager that possibly the day at BHX may be switched to GLA to cover lost TCX l/h capacity there. Just my thoughts, probably wont happen.
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