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Originally Posted by LBAflyer22 View Post

BRS has a short runway and typical weather to LBA - only advantage is into wind. Iíve never seen TUI use a 738 on UK-Cape Verde routes.

i suspect this winter the 763 will rotate through Verde.

788 to Verde - was this when Turkey suffered a little decline?
It is well known that BRS has a short runway but as has been mentioned, the 738 has operated BRS-SID-BRS all summer without any tech stops, along with the likes of BRS-HRG-BRS. Last year the 788 was used all summer on BRS-SID-BRS but TUI switched that over to DLM this year. I highly doubt TUI will use a 763 out of regional airports to Cape Verde during winter months, I do think they are planning to fly MAN-SID on the 763 this winter though. I think with BVC, they are pretty much stuck with the 757 if they want to go non-stop both ways; the 738 canít do the inbound to the UK and I donít think the airport can accommodate wide-bodies Ė correct me if Iím wrong.
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