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Originally Posted by VFR Only Please View Post
Lots of interesting posts here.

My understanding of the 911 business is current consensus that contrails and often-ensuing stratus (same with ship exhaust) do more to prevent heat radiating outwards than they shade the Earth's surface.

Yes, let's face it: overpopulation is the Big Daddy of our problems every which way. We're choking the whole works. But lay off Africa, hitherto relatively lightly populated. India yes, scary, and when combined with China will, in a few years, amount to Three Billion people, far higher than total world population the day I was born and I'm 64. Those two Industrial Giants ain't stoppin' for nuthin'.

So, after staying just one jump ahead of our own extinction for hundreds of thousands of years, we now have runaway overpopulation which spells ... our extinction. Along with that of millions of other species.
Hehe, but note that right now we have less hungry people than we had back then, when you were young. That's one thing.
Second - population is not an issue anymore.
Current Big Thing is climate change.
There will be something else in decade or two from now, do not worry.

And about aviation and CO2 - now think of banning flights and impact on economy of all those places which are destinations of all these flights? Me myself? I prefer if my place would get warmer by 2-3 Celsius rather than economy collapse.

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