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Originally Posted by TURIN View Post
Globally aviation contributes about 6% of the total man-made carbon emissions. Or so we are told.
You could stop every aircraft in the world flying tomorrow and it would not make a blind bit of difference.

Why there is this obsession with reducing air travel I just do not understand.

Fine, if man made global climate change is a thing, then target those that contribute the most to it, not the family going on a jolly to Spain for a week or two.
In fairness, the aviation contribution to high altitude carbon and H2O emissions is a lot more than 6%. There just are not that many fires at Everest altitudes.
That said, the current models have a hard time coping with clouds and the daytime/nighttime impacts, so it is unlikely that they can model high versus low altitude emissions.
We are doing an experiment on the only environment we have. Hopefully the results will be benign.
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