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Originally Posted by Matty Rich 83 View Post

Well the next stage would be pier 3...there are soon to be (I think) pre ground works for this phase.
Initially the whole of pier 2 was due to be constructed before pier 3, but I heard recently that pier 3 would be constructed in full before the second phase of pier2.
I would be surprised at this turn of events given the funds were all allocated prior...unless Iím not aware of something...
The original plan was, and I'm ready to be corrected, Pier 3 then 2. There was an OAN issued recently that referred to Ground Tests for Pier 2 - I'll post it on here when I get home. This seems to indicate that Pier 2 May come first, but it's only my interpretation of the wording. Why do tests for Pier 2 before Pier 3?
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