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SM4 -good link

Hansard RRA&T page 62

Mr. M. Smith

......example—it is probably an extreme example but it is a useful one—of the
airport associated with Steamboat Springs, a ski resort in Colorado. It actually does not have a control tower. It
is therefore class G airspace on the ground and class E above. They operate CTAF—Common Traffic
Advisory Frequency—at that airport in the absence of radar coverage. They have a Unicom there and in fact
they like their Unicom—they call it an enhanced Unicom because they also talk about the weather. When you
look at the types of operations that happen there, United Airlines take their BAe146s in there daily, American
Airlines take in 757s and Delta take in 737s. And huge numbers of corporate jets and private jets go in there
because the US have a population that supports general aviation—
from the Steamboat Springs website, effective 20/10/2003...

Airport Operational Statistics

Aircraft based on the field: 63
Single engine airplanes: 45
Multi engine airplanes: 14
Helicopters: 3
Gliders airplanes: 1
Aircraft operations: avg 29/day
86% local general aviation
9% transient general aviation
5% air taxi
<1% military

This is not exactly a busy field. Transient movements are are 2.61 movements per day = 942 per year. Not exactly "huge numbers." No mention of RPT.

Runway Information
Runway 14/32
Dimensions: 4452 x 100 ft. / 1357 x 30 m
Surface: asphalt/grooved, in fair condition
Weight limitations: Single wheel: 50000 lbs
Double wheel: 60000 lbs

Hmmm, B757's, B737's, Bae146's, must go in there empty and totally stripped out.

I'd hate to say Hansard is misleading, BUT!!

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