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Cornish Jack
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ATNotts - impossible to disagree with any of that ... but, unless or until EVERY citizen has the opportunity to express their opinion in a way which makes their value EQUAL, all the rest is 'window dressing'. I am biased since I passed my 75th birthday before I was able to cast a vote which could AFFECT the outcome! Years in 'Safe' constituencies for one or other of the 3 major Parties, meant that my so-called enfranchisement was illusory Vote, or stay at home, quite irrelevant. There ought never to be such a thing as a 'Safe' seat. It ought not to be possible for unelected officials to be able to alter election outcomes by ANY margin, let alone 20 seats! The present system is corrupt and contemptuous of the wishes of the electorate. If EVERY vote had equal value, we MIGHT have a chance of a representative Government. As it is, 'Establishment' and unelected power groups hold sway for their own benefit. Change won't happen - 'they' have too much to lose!
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