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Reply to triadic from the previous thread.

I am aware of your views and respect them. I am also very careful to distinguish my views from those of AOPA, AOPA's views represent a majority decision.

I did not state Txps were not mandatory, I stated that E would make them so and thus, in the case in question, NAS is safer.

From my understanding, Txps are mandatory in E for an aircraft with an engine driven electrical system. There are those within AOPA that do not support this and they are vocal and influential. This will have to be resloved before AOPA fully supports E below 8500.

Now, to MY OPINIONS having seen the new maps.

1. Why remove approach frequencies from VTCs and VNCs??? I am told I should 'call tower' if flying VFR. Why is this??? Tower will just shunt me to approach and thus we have created 'unnecessary chatter' and work for the tower controllers. Might work OK in CBR or Coffs but I reckon Cairns towers guys will have kittens.

2. The biscuits are small and green. Hard enough to find in daylight, but at night under RED light, ooops ... gone!!!

3. The biscuits give me flightwatch and AERIS etc, but not frequencies I might need if flying around meatbombers dropping out of C, through E into G. They also don't give me 'best freq' for the area concerned.

4. I also want areas freqs somewhere, the ERC is OK just as long as people are educated as to where to look. I personally want to be able to at least monitor near 'hubs' of high intensity traffic eminating out of a CTAF and climbing fast into E.

And, as stated before, these are just my views and are not nevessarilly those of the AOPA Board.

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