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Cornish Jack
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Grayfly and rifruffian - be warned, the following will enrage some of our contributors and stump others - What is Democracy?.
It is a term used incessantly to support/defend/attack policies espoused/agreed with/ disagreed with and, as such, it is utterly meaningless - or to be more accurate it is 'Humpty Dumpty' language - it means what the user wants it to mean. It has arguably, been used more often during the Brexit 'debate' than any other term and has added not one jot of clarity to the mix. It will continue thus mainly because those who have the ability to question the term, totally fail to do so. In the 3+ years of this ongoing shambles, not one, not a single interviewer, commentator, interlocutor etc. has ever queried this usage!! And so it will continue ... Democracy this, Democratic that - utterly meaningless platitudes designed to soothe 'the masses' and hoodwink them into believing that their views are being taken in to account, while the power brokers throw commonsense to the winds and blindly follow people whose interests are entirely personal and the country can put up with it. The argument for PROPER PR is irrefutable but it would deprive the 'powerful' of their ability to 'influence'. Can't allow that!
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