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What do you mean by "the absolute mess of our current crop of MP's, practices and processes?"

I see Parliament upholding democracy against an executive under Johnson who seem determined to inflict damage upon the people of this country and are prepared to lie and decieve in order to achieve it. The country is split roughly down the middle on Brexit, Parliament reflects that with the total inability to get an agreed deal through. MP's are elected to represent their constituents interests, ALL of their constituents, and not just those who voted for them, and not just those who chose to vote a certain way in a referendum.

I would suggest that the problem we have is that of the use of the referendum. It is a non Parliamentary tool and should not be a part of our democratic system. A system that is proving that it does hold the executive to account, and the Speaker is a leading light in this.

Parliament is not preventing Brexit, it is preventing a NO Deal Brexit because that is something that would harm MP's constituents and the UK economy, and has been voted as unlawful under the law of this land.
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