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DTI staying?

Icarus 2001.
The people driving these changes are either extremely stupid, or extremely devious. Which do you believe it is? Dick's dream has always involved ending DTI. He's had a couple of failed goes at it already. This is just his dream, chopped up into smaller, more palatable pieces. The end state must put an end to DTI. Where else can they save any money? Why do you think they won't tell anyone what the end state is? Does anyone really believe they (ARG, NASIG et al) themselves don't know what it looks like? Would anyone in their right mind begin down this road without knowing where they are going? DTI doesn't fit with the philosophy. What other purpose could all this 'no talking on the radio' serve? Go back and look at Dick's rants. He believe unicoms are they way to go, because of the funding issue. One of the stooges (Smith or Matthews?) even quotes unicom use (Steamboat Springs) as an example of what we should be doing in oz. He skillfully neglects to tell the good Senators that those services in oz are the very ones they are aiming to kill (DTI and FS).
Follow the yellow brick road.....each brick, no matter how stupid or trivial (2b) on it's own, is leading somewhere. I realise others see that. It's just that my PNR is shorter than theirs, obviously. Where is yours? It might be time to start talking about that.
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