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Any person wanting a media pack is able to email me

[email protected]

It will provide an easy to understand overview of this matter and will make following it from the start on PPRuNe clearer.

I am not asking for an expensive complicated process. I am simply asking the PM to nominate one person completely of his own choosing, who is not on the CASA payroll.

I am asking that his nominee sit in a room with me and Mr Carmody the CEO of CASA.

Mr Carmody would be encouraged to bring as many attendees as he wants. That could include the four personnel that I have allegations about.

I only want to bring my Dad.

The PMs nominee can sit in a room for 3 hours, and listen to both sides of the argument.

If at the end of that meeting that nominee looks me in the eye and says. "Those personnel have nothing to answer for".

Well! I promise im never voting Liberal again!

Mr PM. It a solution that is fair and importantly. It is Simple, Accountable, and Effective, and that's important!!!
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