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You guys REALLY need to take the time to visit your local ATC unit. I guarantee there will be answers to each of these issues (not Oz an ATCO, so I can only guess). Whichever part of the world you’re in ATC just want you off their frequency as quickly as possible so you’re not delayed for their benefit.
The issue has never been the local ATC it's ultimately CASA's rules. If those same rules were applied somewhere like the USA or Europe aviation would grind to a halt. The only reason that aviation works here is that there is virtually no weather 90% of the time and low traffic density by a world standard.

Combined with that is the real lack of infrastructure and competition in the airport space. Australia will never see real economic growth in Aviation as it will be stifled by the lack of airports.
This extends to government. If a billionaire wanted to build a second Melbourne Airport the government would shoot it down with red tape long before the first sod is turned.
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