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Originally Posted by das Uber Soldat View Post
ML has to be the most painful place to fly into on the face of the earth. I dont know what the rules and policies are that create this issue, but something has to give. CAVOK, **** all wind, min speed, 250 on descent hold at Lizzy.

GDP needs to go in the bin too. LST-MEL. Sit on the ground waiting for your slot time, meet it, take off, climbing through 8000 ft "min speed, time at Waren X + 20 mins". If you knew that early I had 20 minutes holding, why the F did you not adjust my COBT?! Its a 40 minute flight!

Honestly it'd be faster rowing a canoe.
We had exactly the same scenario from Canberra. (apart from the canoe not being a valid alternative for us )
Delayed on the ground and as soon as we were handed off to centre, “minimum speed, 21 minute delay into Melbourne”.
The entire COBT program is a farce.
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