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Originally Posted by midnight cruiser View Post
Yes, "mass" is probably the wrong word, but the majority of experienced crews I speak with have recently put in applications to move on - and as you say, the names most commonly mentioned are QR, China, or jet2, (and BA and TUI in the case of FOs). With most of those, there is many months of lead time between application and start date, so the effect would kick in roughly when the max's start arriving in big numbers.
Are most of the people leaving, contractors or leaving from buzz etc? I know Ryanair is back to their old tricks with some of the new companies in the group, though is there any sign of them reintroducing the ltd company/self employed setup at Ryanair DAC?

Iíll be sniggering with glee if they are loosing crews again when they have to scramble to crew up for the MAX arrival.
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