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The most frustrating/horrible aspect of voldemort airlines is the the awful way that the dna of the dark lord himself has infected every branch of the company.

He has created an atmosphere which PB himself said is toxic, pitching hq staff against pilots, base managers sent to do the evil work of disciplinary meetings for being sick for 4 days in a year..he has created a mentality in which everyone in hq (it feels like) is actively encouraged to try to find new ways to shaft their fellow colleagues, all to ensure the dark lord wins is 100m bonus. Most of the Hq staff are all young children or in their first office job and as such do not know any better, much like the vast majority of pilots who are from the cadet stream and also believe this to be the norm...!!!

Note in the latest round of pay cuts and contractorising you will never see the big players names signing these memos...they would not dare incriminate themselves, instead allowing the minions to do it for them.

There is a huge culture of fear, some staff still too scared to carry a fuel load that is different to what the plog says, a culture of rushing at every possible instance. Even some captains afraid of putting the apu on in 25 degree heat....

If you can put this mentality aside, and not let it effect you, the 5/4 is great if you are at home. However the constant barrage of belittling memo’s eventually grinds everyone down...

To summarise, TUI for a long term career if you are young, J2 if you are an established pilot already, Macdonalds, Burger King, Pizza hut then Voldemort Airlines.
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