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Ryr are in the process (again) of attempting to drive down their staff costs in double quick time. The delay to the max means this year is probably the first year in many a year, where they have not had a single frame delivered.

Couple that with the almighty narrowly getting his 100m bonus signed off a few weeks ago, means his main lever to increase profits at present is to squeeze staff. Shutting down bases for ryr “mainline” and opening up the contractor version of the same company is happening, just as many predicted. Its widely predicted every single base east of german down to cyprus will go to ryr buzz/sun.

The main alarm bell you need to know about ryr, is look at where their staff come from. 90% cadets, the other 10% come from less reputable airlines or parts of the world. You never see a ryr driver from ba/vs/tui/j2/ezy/af/lufty etc.

this should tell you all you need to know!
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