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Originally Posted by De_flieger View Post
, THE CASE FOR ABOLISHING OCCUPATIONAL LICENSING because they truly believe that licensing professionals such as doctors, dentists, pilots and engineers based on their qualifications is a barrier to market forces and their ideal of people working in whatever field they choose, regardless of skill, training or anything else. . Abolishing any licensing requirements for professional pilots? I can't see how that could possibly backfire
De flieger,
Do you seriously believe what this article says means the above ---- you completely misunderstand (or misrepresent??) what kind of "occupational licensing" is being referred to --- government control of who can be in business, not recognition of the qualifications to be a doctor, a lawyer or a pilot, such qualifications being presented in different ways.
It does NOT imply that many occupations (pilots, doctors)should not require minimum standards, that anybody should be able to set up shop wherever they please.
A "licensed" dentist?? Never heard of one??
You really should read the article (and some of the footnotes) with an open mind, as long as it is not a mind that is open at both ends.
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