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Personally, I see this as a seismic shift in the job market for Airlines! The days of loyalty and long term secure job prospects are gone! For anyone to say the package holiday is dead is talking utter rubbish! Two major tour operators that have failed recently (TCX AND Monarch) weíre down to incredibly poor management, lack of shire from ownership and inability to react to a changing market. Speak to any person with young children who want to dump their bags at check in, fall out of a foreign Airport onto a coach, arrive at a hotel where their families and children are catered for ... They will tell you just how valuable a package holiday is! Jet2 are very very good at this! Award winning at it in fact. I do not believe for one second the package holiday is dead... Why are Easy Jet planning on selling holidays? Also, the ABTA/ATOL bond will scare the great British public into booking package deals, especially as the all inclusive element will help protect against a very weak pound. I for one see a future in both TUI and Jet2. The very unfortunate demise of Cook has possibly caused a correction in the market. But Jet2 are 50/50 package/seat only, so are therefore well placed to capitalise on a dynamic market.

Truth is, those of us who have been around long enough to see the market cycles since 9/11 can attest that there is no certainty or predictability. I have the misfortune of being a BA Pilot and would suggest a third runway at Heathrow will certainly not provide stable long term employment, but the emergence of other carriers! Quite simply no one knows, but I think itís fair to say the days of joining an Airline with the expectation of waiting ones time, feeling warm fuzzy and secure are gone! Itís better to expect to move around to suit the needs of you and your family..... That is what matters and many Pilots seem to still chase the big ticket gigs.

I am deeply saddened by the failure of TCX it was genuinely the best Airline I flew for, but, I have zero doubt the great people who are enduring dark times right now will be scooped up quickly and there will undoubtedly be new opportunities in the form of expansion or recruitment season from other Airlines once the dust has settled.
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