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My tone re WZZ was unintentionally dismissive but I don't see them as a realistic option. If you are in your 20s and single I would be there in a flash believe me. Only option is a LTN base in the UK as mentioned and as far as I can tell they provide zero pension contributions. Happy to be corrected on that one but thats what it says on PPJN, I do know people who work for WZZ who are happy however, most went there for the quick commands and good on them.

EZY pay well but I have absolutely no interest in working as hard as they do with the tax system in the UK.

RYR only as a last resort

500 hours a year, 5.5k minimum a month plus pension​​​​​​, plus profit share and part time options widely available after year 1. I truly wish there were more options in the UK to spice things up a bit but right now Jet2 is the only game in town for DEC. Happy hunting.
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