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Originally Posted by PEI_3721 View Post
Presenting AOA indication at a useful place is viewed as an improvement. If pilots disagree, they are free to not include it in their scan.”
I strongly disagree on both counts; the ‘ignore’ view promotes a cluttered display. Having to disregard an ‘irrelevant’ display feature is as mentally demanding as looking at and understanding an indication.

PEI, that was addressing the statements of some pilots as to an AOA indication being of no use. Or course they should be trained - or re-trained.
Re cluttered display, I do not know what to make of a small dial with AOA in the upper right corner, and a small additional "AOA disagree" message in the left lower corner.
Would this really fit seamlessly into the standard scan, and not be mentally demanding ?
Displaying a big red bar or cross over unavailable information has become pretty standard in non-certified aviation.

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